Our story was born from a banal situation

Parents who accompany their daughter, who is passionate about riding, to the club, on training courses and in competitions, no longer know how to move the quantity of equipment necessary for the horse and the rider. The grooming box, the bomb, the pair of boots and chaps, the few mats, one or two halters...

To transport all the equipment Arnaud and Isabelle, the parents, roam the shops and salons in search of a product that does not exist.

The creation of the TRAVEL BAG

They then decide to think about creating a bag capable of containing all the equipment necessary for the practice of this sport. Thus was born the Travel Bag, a bag like no other that will do you a lot of good for transporting and protecting all of your riding equipment without any problems.

Adventure is on its way

They design a logo, choose a name and immediately develop a grooming bag and a backpack, the first bags in the HORSE&TRAVEL range.

Welcome to Horse&Travel

Smart story. Products. Riders.

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